Price: Item: Price: Item:
  $ Mop/Broom/Dust Pan Set Q $ Plants Q
  $ Laundry Basket w/ 20 Hangers Q $ Decorative Paintings Q
  $ Lamps Q $ Cooling Fan Q
  $ Iron & Ironing Board Q $ WOK Cooking Pan
  $ Cordless Phone w/ Answering System Q $ Crock Pot Q
  $ Food Processor $ Vacuum Cleaning Machine Q
  $ Weber Propane Barbecue Grill (First Tank Included) Q $ Microwave Oven Q
  $ Additional Propane Tank or Refill $ Additional Bathroom Linen Set (Towels, etc.) Q
  $ Barbecue Utensil Tool Set Q $ Additional Bed Sheet Set (Queen)
  $ Baby Crib $ Hair Dryer
  $ Alarm Clock Radio Q $ Additional Pillows
  $ Blender    

Q Marked items are included in the Executive Edition Furniture Package
Note: Items are priced based on purchase of furniture package.